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  • Your participation in the Blue Sky® program helps to reduce the carbon footprint associated with your electricity use. Carbon footprint reduction based on the difference between the 2023 Blue Sky Block & Blue Sky Usage mixes and the 2022 PacifiCorp fuel mix (PacifiCorp, 2024).
  • Laundry electricity consumption based on a single laundry load, for a washer using 0.43kWh, and a dryer using 2.00 kWh of electricity (Shrink That Footprint, 2024).
  • Electric vehicles use on average 32.18 kWh per 100 miles (DOE Fuel Economy Guide, 2024).
  • One LED light bulb consumes 11.0 kWh of electricity per year when used for 3 hours per day (EnergySage, 2024).
  • The average drip coffee maker used 2 hours per day needs 1200 watts of energy to produce a pot of coffee (

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