About Blue Sky

What is Blue Sky?

Blue Sky is a simple and customizable opt-in program that empowers customers to match all or a portion of their electricity use with renewable energy each month. For over two decades, the Blue Sky program has made it easy for customers to drive demand for new renewable energy in the West while creating local jobs and supporting community-based renewable energy projects and native fish habitat restoration right here in Oregon.

The Blue Sky program is about more than just renewable energy. Discover how Blue Sky helps create local jobs, lift communities and more.

Blue Sky participants have collectively supported…

295,092 MWh of renewable energy across 23 Oregon-based projects in 2020

Hundreds of miles of Oregon rivers restored since 2002

144 community-based renewable energy projects funded since 2006

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Local renewable projects

Together Blue Sky participants have supported over 10.5 million megawatt-hours of renewable energy generated at facilities across the Western region.

Habitat restoration

Blue Sky Habitat participants have helped restore native fish habitats and improve stream ecosystems.

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Join more than 150,000 Blue Sky participants who are committed to renewable energy.