July Acquisition 2021

Joining Blue Sky means supporting local renewable energy and lifting communities. Our calculator makes it easy to estimate how much you would pay to match all or part of your electricity use with renewable energy like wind and solar. Just type in your monthly electricity usage, and the calculator will do the rest!

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It's easy to make a positive impact with Blue Sky:

Reduce your
environmental impact

Participants have collectively reduced their emissions by over 10 billion pounds of CO2e since 2000.

Support new local
clean energy facilities

The Blue Sky community has helped bring more wind and solar projects to Oregon.

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Easily support renewable energy through your monthly utility bill.

*Your participation in the Blue Sky program helps to reduce the carbon footprint associated with your electricity use. Carbon footprint reduction based on the difference between the 2021 Blue Sky mix and PacifiCorp fuel mix (Source: PacifiCorp 2019). The minimal positive N20 and CH4 emissions associated with the generation of renewable energy from biomass resources are included in the calculation; where facility-specific emissions data is not available state-level data is used (Source: Generation Integrated Database (eGRID) 2018). Green-e® Energy does not certify or verify carbon emissions claims or methodologies for calculating emissions related to biomass.

Laundry electricity consumption based on running washer and dryer one hour each at rates determined by DOE’s ‘Estimating Appliance and Home Electronic Energy Use’.

Electric vehicles use on average 32.87 kWh per 100 miles. (DOE Fuel Economy Guide, 2020)

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