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When you participate in Blue Sky, you’re supporting projects and jobs in the Pacific Northwest and the greater Western region. That means you’re helping to drive demand for renewable energy in your state and boosting the surrounding economy. Blue Sky participants have supported over 10.5 million megawatt-hours of renewable energy and funded clean energy installations at schools, community centers and arts organizations throughout the region. Explore some of the highlights from recent projects.

Community Projects

Blue Sky participants have supported 144 community-based projects since 2006 across the Pacific Northwest including renewable projects at schools, public buildings and more.

Perry Technical Institute

Yakima, WA

Perry Technical Institute is a nonprofit technical school in Yakima, Washington that provides students of all ages with the skills and work habits they need to succeed. During a campus expansion project, Perry Tech sought to incorporate alternative energy and create new hands-on opportunities for students. In 2015, Perry Tech installed a 15.68-kilowatt solar project atop the new Plath Hall.

Perry Tech used the solar project as a learning opportunity for students in the electrical technology program who installed the solar array with guidance from their instructors. Students and visitors to the campus can view energy production from a display in the lobby of the building.

Whitman College

Walla Walla, WA

The 21 kilowatt solar array located atop the Bratton Tennis Center is a part of school's Environmental Studies program coursework.

Photo of a woman in coveralls at her work table in her studio surrounded by planks of wood

Local Businesses

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